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August 24, 2022 - John 9-12

The man had been blind from birth, and Jesus’ disciples, so susceptible to the prevailing theological currents, concluded that this blindness was the consequence of either his sin or the sin of his parents. Not! After the healing, many just couldn’t believe so great a miracle had taken place. They answered, this is not the man “but he looks like him” (9:9). That is, they accused Jesus and his disciples of deception, of substituting another for the blind man. Nope, he's the blind man. Jesus healed him!

What follows, as the religious leaders doubt the miracle and interrogate the man, is almost comical: “Then they asked him, ‘What did He do to you? How did He open your eyes?’ ‘I already told you,’ he said, ‘and you didn’t listen. Why do you want to hear it again? You don’t want to become His disciples too, do you?’” (9:26,27) Of course, they didn’t! But what a sweet turn of words from this blind man, who once was blind, but then could see!

The whole world was lost in the darkness of sin,

The Light of the world is Jesus!

Like sunshine at noonday, His glory shone in;

The Light of the world is Jesus!

Come to the light, ’tis shining for thee;

Sweetly the light has dawned upon me;

Once I was blind, but now I can see:

The Light of the world is Jesus! -- P. P. Bliss (1875)

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