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February 3, 2023 - Numbers 6-9

These chapters tell of the Nazirite vow and those set apart for special commitments (ch. 6), provide instructions regarding the tabernacle’s consecration (ch. 7,8), and continue with everything culminating in the celebration of the Passover. All this takes place there before Sinai; the people have not yet set out on their further journeys, which God is preparing them for.

Why tell these stories? And why list these events, here? Why not just go and read the stories in the book of Numbers. Well, it’s important that we do read the chapters but, also, it seems to me, the putting of these things down on paper (or a computer screen) and looking at them and reflecting on them emphasizes an important and encouraging truth, i.e., like a loving father, God provides for the children of Israel and he prepares them before sending them out into the wilderness. And so he does for us. Israel is never alone. We are never alone. Always, God shows his wisdom and demonstrates his care and love toward Israel, just like a loving father, and just as he does with us. Good thoughts to reflect on today!

God is my strong salvation;

what foe have I to fear?

In peril and temptation

my light, my help, is near.

Though hosts encamp around me,

firm to the fight I stand;

what terror can confound me,

with God at my right hand? --James Montgomery (1822)

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