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July 22, 2022 - Obadiah

Levi often encourages us to “pray through Scripture.” I'm in Obadiah this morning, and so, let me work through the one chapter of the book, praying as I go.

The Lord has some words for Edom, who has become arrogant and presumptuous. The Lord will humble Edom. In particular, the Lord singles out “the wise ones” and the warriors of Edom. These are those who are held in highest esteem. They will fall the farthest. “Lord, I have so much. You have given me so much. Let your blessings to me never go to my head and make me proud or presumptuous. Grant me humility and give me a grateful heart, always.”

Edom gloated over the misfortunes of the people of Judah. For this, Edom will be destroyed. “Lord, keep me from hating those who are opposed to me, who might do me wrong. As believers, we are to love our enemies and to pray for them. This is hard, but lead me always to do so.”

“The day of the Lord is near” (vs. 15). God’s judgment against his enemies is not far off, nor is the exaltation and blessing of his people far off. “Lord, keep my mind stayed on this, that Jesus will return soon. Let that assurance be for me solace, when I am troubled, and great encouragement and expectancy, as I look for my Savior to return.”

Naught have I gotten but what I received;

Grace hath bestowed it since I have believed;

Boasting excluded, pride I abase;

I’m only a sinner, saved by grace!

Only a sinner saved by grace!

Only a sinner saved by grace!

This is my story, to God be the glory—-

I’m only a sinner saved by grace! --James M. Gray (19th century)

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