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March 31, 2024 - 2 Kings 1-4

With 2 Kings, and after the death of Ahab, Elijah is still around, though he has already anointed Elisha as his successor.  The prophet berated king Ahaziah because, when he became sick, he sent to the Baals for help.  Sort of like, in the days of Hosea and Amos and Isaiah, the prophets scolded the people for looking for help from the Egyptians and the Assyrians rather than God.  Not long after, Elijah was taken up to heaven (interesting story about Elisha following him around), and Elisha took his place.  With a double portion of the power of God's Spirit on him, Elisha did amazing things.  I mean, one miracle after another.


There are historical periods in the biblical narrative during which great numbers of miracles were performed:  the days of Moses, the days of Elijah and Elisha, Jesus' ministry, and the years of the apostles.  Now, God did miracles at other times, but these were periods of great numbers of miracles.  All this is a good reminder that our God does miracles, and he can break into his creation and into history at any moment and do amazing things.


Are you looking for the fullness

of the blessing of the lord

In your heart and life today?

Claim the promise of your Father,

come according to His word,

in the blessed old time way.

He will fill your heart today to overflowing,

As the Lord commandeth you,

“Bring your vessels, not a few;”

He will fill your heart today to overflowing

With the Holy Ghost and pow’r.   -- Mrs. C. H. Morris (1912)

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