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February 5, 2023 - Numbers 13-16

Looking back . . . The golden calf. Complaining. Quail and sickness. Opposition to Moses from his own brother and sister. This bunch is a piece of work. Not only were the people unthankful, they failed to trust God even in the face of so much evidence that he was with them and was faithful. Here is the story of the spying out of the land and the unfaithful and faithful reports of the spies and Israel’s rebellion and Moses intercession for the people. And it just continues: The Sabbath broken, Korah’s rebellion and the Lord’s affirmation of Moses as leader. Oh, to trust God and to rest in his faithfulness. As with Israel so for us; we so easily are discontented and so quickly turn from trusting in God, the God who has always shown himself to be faithful and who has given us absolutely no reason to distrust him. Oh, again like Israel, we face challenges and difficult times but they are of our own making, not to be blamed on God. How often he has walked with us through the fires and through the waters!

O come over into Canaan,

Where the milk and honey flow;

Come and taste its pomegranates,

All its riches freely know;

There are g

But the shining of His face,

Leads from vic-t’ry on to vic-t’ry

In the fullness of His grace.

O come over into Canaan,

Leave the wilderness behind,

Come and trust His loving promise,

Come and full salvation find. -- Emily Chadwick (1903)

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