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January 19, 2022 - Exodus 30-36

The building of the tabernacle commences. And it proceeds with good speed and effectiveness. God is involved in all the work. When the people are sanctified, and it is known that they are the people of God, it will be because the Lord has sanctified them (31:13). How wonderful have been, and how wonderful will be, the works of the Lord on behalf of Israel! And how do they repay him? They build a golden calf and worship that (ch. 32) instead of the God who has loved them and done such great things for them. And when the Lord would destroy them because of their unfaithfulness, he graciously responded to Moses’ plea for mercy on his and the people’s behalf. How merciful is our God! Yes, the people suffered because of their great sin (sin has its consequences), but God healed them and continued to go with them.

In chapter 33, the people finally leave Sinai and head toward the Promised Land. Along the way, Moses would have to intercede for the people again. And God would show himself, again, to be faithful and merciful. The covenant was renewed, and God continued to dwell with his people. How much like Israel we are! How often must we be forgiven! How often God has shown his mercy to us! Let us haste to the Lord's side!

Oh, who is there among us, the true and the tried,

Who’ll stand by His colors—who’s on the Lord’s side?

Oh, who is there among us, the true and the tried,

Who’ll stand by His colors—who’s on the Lord’s side?

Who is there among us yet under the rod,

Who knows not the pardoning mercy of God?

Oh, bring to Him humbly the heart in its pride;

Oh, haste, while He’s waiting and seek the Lord’s side. --Sophia T. Griswold (1828-1903)

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