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July 7, 2022 - Ezekiel 25-32

Ammon, Moab and Seir, Edom, Philistia, Tyre, and all the nations surrounding Israel. They are rebellious and wicked, and Ezekiel has a word for each of them in turn. And though they think themselves strong and incapable of suffering disaster, disaster will come upon them. Consider Tyre, who said, “I am perfect in beauty” (27:3). Her borders ran out into the seas. Her fleets were strong and seemingly invincible. Men from other nations manned her ships and fought in her armies. She was rich because of her great merchant class. But the Lord says she will be wrecked on the high seas, she will mourn and weep, she will see her end and be no more. She was proud and even said of herself that she was a god (28:2), but she is not. She will die, and a lamentation will be raised over her.

With clear intent nations cannot long flaunt God and his truth. How long can a nation, even the most prosperous nation in human history, expect to escape the fate of Tyre? Rather than persist in boastful rebellion, oh that a nation would utter the cry of the penitent sinner:

God, be merciful to me,

On Thy grace I rest my plea;

Plenteous in compassion Thou,

Blot out my transgressions now;

Wash me, make me pure within,

Cleanse, O cleanse me from my sin. –Richard Redhead (1853)

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