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July 6, 2023 - Jeremiah 2-8

Nationally, there were times when Israel seemed quite devoted to God, but they would so quickly depart from him. What God wanted from his people was a continuing devotion. Personally, we sometimes tend to “take time off for awhile” from God. And this can happen in different ways. We can become lukewarm and indifferent for a season. We can reason about this or that sin, “Well, just this one time. No problem.” Or we might think, “Tomorrow, or next year, I’ll finally get around to real faithfulness.”

Even if our treachery is not as great as was Israel’s, it is treachery nonetheless when we turn away from God for our own sinful purposes. How amazing that we have a God who speaks to us thusly: “Return, faithless Israel . . . I will not look on you in anger, for I am merciful . . . I will not be angry forever” (3:11).

Approach, my soul, the mercy seat,

where Jesus answers pray’r;

there humbly fall before His feet,

for none can perish there.

Thy promise is my only plea,

with this I venture nigh;

Thou callest burdened souls to Thee,

and such, O Lord, am I.

Bowed down beneath a load of sin,

by Satan sorely pressed,

by wars without, and fears within,

I come to Thee for rest. –John Newton (1779)

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