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October 12, 2022 - 2 Peter 2,3

Peter is concerned about false prophets and teachers in the churches (chapter 2). Yesterday in Southern’s chapel, Dr. Mohler referred to those who identify as “ex-vangelicals,” i.e., former evangelicals who have decided, among other things, that the Bible’s teaching can sometimes be taken with a “grain of salt” (Dr. Mohler didn’t use that phrase, but that was his point.). One result of such a stance is that people, even teachers in the churches, begin to question the exclusivity of the gospel and Christ’s atonement and argue that people do not need the gospel in order to make it to heaven. They just need to follow their consciences. False teachers, anyone?

On top of false teachers, scoffers will come (chapter 3). That is, those who say, “Where is the promise of his coming?” (3:4) I once read an article that reported a gathering of “great minds” in England. They had gathered to surmise the manner in which the earth and the human population are likely to end. Did they consider the Bible? Nope! False teachers, anyone? Let the scoffers scoff. Let the false teachers teach. Let the doubters of his return doubt. But we sing:

O Christian! have you heard it?

He’s coming soon;

Though thousands have deferred it,

He’s coming soon.

Let not thy heart grow weary,

He’s coming soon;

Morn follows midnight dreary,

He’s coming soon.

Leave all earth's sinful pleasures,

He’s coming soon;

Lay up in heav’n your treasures,

He’s coming soon. -- F. E. Belden (19th century)

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