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September 4, 2021 – 2 Corinthians 1,2

Paul writes about the comfort that we have in Jesus Christ and, also, the resultant manner in which we are able to comfort one another. He himself had experienced God’s deliverance and, based on that experience, he was confident that God would continue to keep him and us (chapter 1). A lesson, here: The more experience we have with God, and the more we know about God, the more we trust him.

In chapter 2, Paul explained to the Corinthians that he had planned to come to them a second time, but delayed coming to them so as not to cause undue pain for them. He continues and writes about forgiveness toward an offending brother and his great desire that the Corinthians would “turn to forgive and comfort him (the offending brother, not Paul),” that he “may be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow,” and that the church would reaffirm its love for the brother (2:7,8). Paul was a missionary, but oh my, in so many ways, he was a pastor at heart: firm when necessary and showing overwhelming kindness and compassion when called for. A good example for us as we hold one another accountable while loving one another with overwhelming kindness and continual forgiveness.

Our God is love; and all his saints

His image bear below;

The heart with love to God inspired,

With love to man will glow.

Our heavenly Father, Lord, art thou;

Thy favored children we;

Oh, may we love each other here,

As we are loved by thee. –Anonymous, 1875

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