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September 6, 2022 - 1 Corinthians 8-11

Paul begins to get into a discussion about Christian freedom: the eating of food offered to idols. Because the idols are nothing, the food has not been tainted in any way. His readers are free to eat it. But what if a less mature brother will be offended by the eating of that meat? Well, then the reader has the freedom not to eat it and should not do so for the sake of his brother. This looks to me like the law of love being practiced, i.e., “I will enjoy the freedom I have in Christ, but because of my love for others and for their sakes, I will limit myself. Such a limitation is no real burden to me because love for another trumps any personal desire I have for myself.” Living with love toward one another. Now, that’s some powerful living!

Where charity and love prevail,

there God is ever found;

brought here together by Christ’s love,

by love are we thus bound.

Let us recall that in our midst

dwells Christ, his only Son;

as members of his body joined,

we are in him made one. -- Omer Westendorf (1961)

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