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December 2, 2023 - Revelation 2-3

The letters to the seven churches. I’m thinking I might take one of these letter each day over the next week. First, though, several years ago, I did a recap of these letters so that I could have a bird’s-eye view of the whole. Here’s what that looked like . . .

Ephesus: Strong stand for the truth and endurance, but their love has grown cold.

Smyrna: Has suffered poverty and persecution, and will continue to do so. Be faithful!

Pergamum: Has held firm in a place of particular darkness, but has allowed false teachers in.

Thyatira: Characterized by love, faithfulness, service, and endurance. But tolerates Jezebel, who leads many into sexual immorality.

Sardis: Has a reputation for being alive, but is dead. Repent!

Philadelphia: Has limited strength, yet has remained faithful. Hold on!

Laodicea: Neither cold nor hot, and will be vomited out by the Lord. Receive from the Lord what is needed, and repent!

Glancing over all this, I am reminded that every church, and every person, though faithful to a degree, even a significant degree, has work to do. As we rely upon our God, each day, we should pray, “Lord, show me what I need to work on in my life today.”

March on, my soul, with strength,

march forward, void of fear;

he who has led will lead,

through each succeeding year;

and as you journey on your way,

his hand shall hold you day by day.

March on, my soul, with strength,

with strength, but not your own;

the conquest you shall gain,

through Christ your Lord alone;

his grace shall power your feeble arm,

his love preserve you safe from harm. -- William Wright (1910)

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